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Woodburn is unique in it's cuisine as it offers food from 7 different culinary regions of Mexico!

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Casa de Caldos

966 N. Pacific Highway


Casa Marquez Mexican Grill

553 N. Front St.


Del Sol Market

397 N. Front St.


Mariscos El Sarandeado

320 N. Pacific Highway


El Tule Taqueria

450 N. First St.


Hungry Lion Asian Cuisine

347 N. Front St.


La Morenita Tortillas

270 Grant St.


Lili’s Café

347 N. Front St.


Luis’s Taqueria

523 N. Front St.

Lupita’s Restaurant

311 N. Front St.

Miranda’s Bakery

1085 N. Pacific Highway


Paleteria y Neveria El Paisanito

429 N. Front St.


Santana’s Mexican Food

573 N. Front St.


Trapala Brewpub & Rostisseria

152 Garfield St.


Trapala Restaurant

430 N. First St.



105 Arney Rd. 



255 N Arney Rd.


105 N. Arney Rd.

Nancy's Burgers

105 N. Arney Rd. 

Ste. 170

Panera Bread

 3000 Sprague Lane

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

3060 Sprague Lane

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