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Music Line - Up

 Saturday, June 1st.  

WHS Mariachi-Medford (00000002).jpg

Woodburn Highschool Mariachi

The Woodburn High School Mariachi Band is the very first high school Mariachi band in the state of Oregon. While the concept for developing a high school Mariachi band emerged as a way to reflect and celebrate the cultural majority of the students (85% Hispanic), the band is composed of students from a variety of cultural backgrounds reflecting the diversity of the Woodburn community.

Cosecha Mestiza.PNG

Cosecha Meztiza y Son Huitzilin

Cosecha Mestiza is a music and dance group that presents Mexican folkloric dance along with live music. The dance group is made up of teachers, administrators and students from Portland and Woodburn. The dances showcase the regions of Veracruz, Oaxaca, Tamaulipas, Guerrero and Jalisco. The music is from these same regions as well as from Cuba and South America. This unique combination of dance and live music make Cosecha Mestiza an unforgettable cultural experience that will have audiences singing along and on their feet dancing.

Acoustic Lens.PNG

Acoustic Lens

Acoustic Lens

Billy and the Rockets.PNG

Billy and the Rockets

A little country twang, some southern Delta blues mixed with sweet gospel harmonies creates a dazzling potion that will start your toes tapping, and your heart racing!


Billy and The Rockets is Rockabilly/Do-Wop styled the way it was meant to be played, then wrapped in a show that pleases the entire family!



Original and Classic Rock Band
Reedy Velasco lead guitar/vocals,
Randy Edens lead guitar,...
Sheldon Roy bass/vocals,
David Smith drums,
Heather Kelly vocals

Los Rebeldez.jpg

Los Rebeldez

Los Rebeldez

 Sunday, June 2nd.  

Gypsy Marshall Duo.jpg

Gypsy Marshall Duo

Gypsy Marshall Duo features the stylings of Rachel and Chris Christofferson.  Rachel’s chameleon voice will cover your mellow favorites from Leonard Cohen, Adele, and Patsy Cline, to graveling rock hits from Journey, Bon Jovi, and Guns & Roses. Chris backs her through the country greats of Chris Stapleton, and Kris Kristofferson, to the blistering leads of Zepplin, Eagles and Metallica.

You’ll know the songs, and find yourself singing along. They’re quirky and fun but never boring...


Chemeketa Community College Salsa Dancers

Chemeketa Community College Dancers.

Rumberos (2) (1).jpg

Dina y Los Rumberos

With a repertoire that journeys through the best of Cuban and international music such as Cuban son, salsa, guaracha, bolero, merengue and cumbia, among other genres, this talented group possesses such a wide range of interpretative possibilities that they are able to satisfy the most eclectic array of fans.

Led by their musical director Raul Martinez, Dina y los Rumberos win over their crowds with their versatile performances and innovative interpretations. You can’t listen to this group and be indifferent. Instead, you sway, dance and become infected by their hip-moving Caribbean flavor.

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